3 Important Tips For Addressing Consistent Sewer Clogs In Your Home

If you have consistent sewer clogs in your home, chances are it’s the fault of the pipes outside your home. One common culprit is a crack in your pipe caused by tree roots. These roots grow around everything in their path and wrap themselves around pipes, causing them to crack. The roots can then get into the pipes themselves and in turn, block the pipes and cause clogs. If you notice that you get consistent sewer clogs, consider some tips on how to address these properly.

Quick Tips For Choosing An Aerial Lift For Home Or Commercial Use

If you need to work at an elevated height at home or in a commercial building, you can actually rent a crane or aerial lift to make the job easier and safer. An aerial lift can allow you to reach cathedral ceilings for painting or repairs, or to safely get up on the top of roofs or to reach treetops for pruning work. There are actually a number of aerial lifts available for consumers to rent, so consider some quick but important tips on choosing the best one for your needs: