The Rain Came Down: Handling Storm Damage To Your Roof During A Rainstorm

Homes often sustain damage during a storm, and when they do, it is often the roof that gets the worst of it. If your roof is damaged during a storm, it is best to know how to handle the situation. 

Call a professional for help as soon as possible. 

The very first thing to do if you have to do if a tree has fallen on your roof or if your roof has been damaged by a storm is to make sure you are actually safe to stay in your home. Go ahead and head outside to assess what you can see if the damage. If it appears your roof may be in danger of collapsing, it is best to seek shelter somewhere else. However, if you can see your roof is damaged and the rest of the house seems fine, call a professional storm damage roof repair service for help. Getting your call in quickly will ensure the professionals can get to you as fast as possible. 

Get someone to help you get some kind of protection on the opening. 

The faster you can get some layer of protection over the opening in your roof, the fewer problems you are going to have to completely eliminate the mess. Tarping a roof is not all that easy, especially if it is still raining. Do not put yourself in any danger, but it is best if you can get a tarp over any open holes in the roof. Call up friends, neighbors, or family members and have them help you get a tarp in place. Make sure to add some weight to the edges to hold it in place until professionals 

Work quickly to clean up the water that has made its way into the house. 

Once the roof has been punctured during a rainstorm and all the water from the rain comes pouring in, you can be left with a lot of water and moisture to contend with. The faster you can eradicate all this water, the less likely it will be that you end up with ugly problems with water damage or mold and mildew. Do your best to get rid of standing water with mops and heavy cotton towels. If water has seeped into insulation in the attic, go ahead and put some gloves on and pull out the wet mess and dispose of it. On every level, if you can safely do so, it should be your goal to dry everything you see that has been made wet by the damage. 

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