Signs Your Septic System Needs To Be Repaired Or Serviced

Being aware of the potential warning signs of a serious septic tank or system failure can help you to minimize the severity of the damages or disruptions that these problems may create. Despite the fact that the septic system will be buried deep in the ground, there are some indicators that might warn you of problems developing with it.

Bubbling Drains And Toilets

Bubbling of the drains or toilets can be an extremely noticeable problem. It can often result from the drain to the septic tank becoming clogged. This can represent a serious problem for the system, as these clogs can spread to other parts of the system, such as the drain field. A septic repair professional will be able to help address this issue through the use of a clog remover that will be able to navigate through the pipes of the system. Furthermore, you might want to have the septic tank drained and cleaned to help reduce the presence of materials that could potentially cause clogs.

Standing Water Above The Septic System

In order for the water from the septic tank to be able to drain out of it, a drain field will be needed. This is essentially a series of buried pipes that will allow the water from the septic tank to be slowly drained over a fairly large area. When sections of this field become damaged, it will need to be professionally repaired. This will often require excavation work to be done so that the pipes of the drain field can be reached for an inspection. This water can be extremely unsanitary, which can cause it to pose a significant health risk. For this reason, homeowners should treat this process very seriously. Pets and small children can be more likely to come into contact with this unsanitary water.

Indentations In The Surface Of The Ground Near The Septic System

Finding indentations in the soil near the septic tank or the drain field can be a warning that the system is experiencing uncontrolled erosion. In addition to compromising the appearance of your property, these erosion issues can also damage the septic system by removing much of the support. These issues are likely to continue to worsen until the underlying cause of the erosion is addressed. Unfortunately, it may not always be possible to correct the erosion as the soil may be too compromised. In these situations, the drain field will need to be moved to another area where the soil conditions are more suitable and stable.

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