Three Pet Friendly Flooring Materials

Your floor sees a great deal of general wear and tear due to foot traffic, but nothing is more destructive to flooring than the claws of your pet. Cat and dog nails can quickly scuff, scratch, and otherwise mar the surface of your floor, ruining the aesthetic that they create. Understanding what some pet-friendly flooring materials are can help you decide if they are the right fit for your home's flooring needs.

Natural Stone and Tiles

Natural stone and ceramic tiling are both very similar types of flooring that are ideal for areas that see a lot of foot and pet traffic. Their hard and durable natural surface means that they will perform well against constant stress and scratching without becoming marred. Further, both natural stone and ceramic tiles are water resistant and will not absorbs spills, which can be ideal in the event that your pet has an accident.

However, natural stone and ceramic tiling can also be slippery for your pets, especially if the floor ends up getting wet, which can be a safety hazard to keep in mind. Further, beyond the advantages that they give your pet, natural stone and ceramic tiling can also be quite cold in the winter. These types of flooring materials tend to also be on the pricier side, and are not ideal for budget flooring options.


Vinyl flooring materials are ideal for installation in a household with pets due to their resistance to moisture and their easy-to-clean surface. Further, the surface of vinyl can be textured to provide more grip for your pets, preventing slips. Vinyl flooring also comes in a wide range of different colors, allowing you to customize your floor's appearance to match the rest of your décor very easily.

However, vinyl is a softer flooring material when compared to natural stone, which means that the surface of your floor can become scratched over time. In addition, the color of your vinyl flooring will eventually bleach due to UV exposure, which will require replacement to fix.


Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is made out of multiple layers of materials, with a clear "wear" layer on top and a thin wood veneer in the middle – providing the appearance of natural hardwood flooring, but with much higher durability. The wear layer is able to withstand pet claws very easily, without becoming damaged or otherwise changing shape.

However, laminate flooring is susceptible to some sort of warping if it is not properly cared for, especially in rooms that have high levels of ambient moisture. Further, just like natural stone, laminate flooring can be slippery for your pets – especially when damp.

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