3 Reasons A Plumber May Need To Do A Camera Sewer Line Inspection

A camera sewer line inspection can be costly. As such, when your plumber recommends that you have one done, you may find yourself wondering why they are asking to have it done and what the benefits are of doing it for that reason. Here are three common reasons why a plumber may need to do a camera sewer line inspection and the reason that they recommend using a camera to identify that issue. 

1. To See What Is Stuck In Your Sewer Line

If you have a clog in your sewer line, a plumber is likely going to try to use a plumbing snake to free the clog. However, if they attempt this method and have no success, they will likely recommend that a camera sewer line inspection be done. This helps them to determine what exactly is stuck in the sewer line and where exactly in the sewer line the item is located. For example, if your child flushed a toy down the sewer line, the line may need to be cut open to free the stuck object, so knowing exactly where the clog is and what is causing it is important. 

2. To See If Tree Roots Are Growing In Your Sewer Line

If the drains throughout your home are constantly backing up, and a plumber sees a tree that is close to your plumbing line, they may recommend doing a camera sewer line inspection. During this inspection, they are looking to see if the roots of the nearby tree have grown into the sewer line. If they have, this can be the reason water is not flowing through the line and causing the frequent clogging you are experiencing. If this occurs, the roots will need to be cut out of the line, and your pipes may need to be replaced if they were damaged. 

3. To See If There is a Crack or Break in Your Sewer Line

The last reason a plumber may need to do a camera sewer line inspection is to see if your sewer line is cracked or broken. If you notice water puddling up or pooling in your yard or you notice a sewage smell in your yard, there may be a crack or break in your plumbing line. The only ways to determine if this is the case is to do a camera sewer line inspection or dig up the pipe. The inspection is the cheaper and faster option. 

If you are having plumbing issues, call in a plumber as soon as possible. This helps to reduce the risk of additional problems occurring. If a plumber suspects there may be something stuck in your sewer line, that you may have roots growing into the sewer lines or that there is a crack in your sewer line, they will likely recommend a camera sewer line inspection be done. This helps ensure that that is the problem and determine where exactly the problem is within the sewer line.