Three Construction Permit Myths

There are many steps to follow when you are having construction work done. While construction projects are fairly common, there are misconceptions and misinformation that can contribute to individuals making mistakes as they work through this type of project. This can be particularly true for commercial building projects as it is common for individuals to have limited experience with managing this type of project.

Myth: Only New Construction Requires Permits

One particularly common assumption that people will have about permitting is that it is only necessary for projects that involve entirely new construction. While it is common for new construction projects to have strict permitting regulations, there are many communities that will require permits for any type of major construction work to a property. The criteria for determining whether or not a project entails major construction will often depend on whether structurally significant components of the building are being changed.

Myth: Permitting Only Requires Paying A Fee

The process of obtaining a construction permit can vary from one community to another. Yet, individuals are frequently surprised to learn that the process of getting a permit will be more involved than simply paying a fee. For example, it is usually necessary to submit the plans for the project along with scheduling inspections to ensure the work that is done is compliant with all applicable building codes and regulations.

Myth: You Will Have To Personally Manage Each Step Of The Permitting Process

Overseeing a major construction project can be remarkably demanding. For those that are already busy with managing a business, it can be worthwhile to outsource as much of this work as possible. Luckily, the permitting process is one aspect that can usually be outsourced to services that specialize in obtaining construction permits for their clients. The amount of control that these services can have over your permitting can vary greatly according to the needs of each client. Therefore, you will be able to adjust the work that they do so that your needs are met without compromising your ability to provide input throughout this process.

Prior to undertaking any type of major construction project, individuals will need to obtain the correct type of permit for this work. When you are needing to obtain a permit for your construction project, you should understand that a permit can be required for modifications and repairs to existing structures, the steps involved with obtaining a permit along with the fact that you can outsource this part of the process. Being aware of these facts will help you to be as thorough and efficient as possible when overseeing your construction project. Contact a service, like City Permit, for more help.