3 Things To Know About Gas Line Installations

There are plenty of reasons to install a new gas line. A new gas appliance is one of the main reasons that homeowners decide that a new gas line is necessary. There are plenty of appliances that use gas, including heaters, water heaters, stoves, dryers, and more. Gas using appliances are attractive to homeowners for many different reasons. Many of them work when the power is out, they use less energy than electric appliances, and gas appliances are usually less expensive to operate. Because of these reasons, many homeowners are eager to install gas lines. Here are a few things to know about gas line installation:

It's A Job For The Professionals

The first thing that homeowners should know about gas line installation is that it is a job for the professionals. While there are plenty of things that can be done around the home as a do-it-yourself project, gas lines are best left to the professionals. Installing a gas line does involve risks such as leaks or explosions. Homeowners who are looking to add a new gas line can contact their local gas company, a contractor, or certified plumber to do the job.

Costs Can Vary

Overall, installing a new gas line can be less expensive than many homeowners expect. It costs around $15 to $25 per linear foot for a professional to install a new gas line. Extending an existing gas line can cost as little as couple hundred dollars. Larger projects however, can cost over a thousand dollars. Some gas companies may even install a new gas line for free or will roll the cost into the customer's monthly gas payments. It's a good idea to check with the local gas company as well as contractors and plumbers in order to estimate the cost of a new gas line.

Property Lines Are Important

Another thing to consider when it comes to gas line installation is where the property line is. Homeowners are responsible for gas lines on their property. Knowing where any existing gas lines are on the property is a must. It's also important to make sure that any new gas lines that are installed are within the property lines and aren't encroaching on a neighbor's property. Local rules and ordinances can vary when it comes to gas line installation so it's important to be up to date on local requirements.

Installing a new gas line is something that many homeowners find themselves doing at some point, often when they want to add a new gas appliance to their home. Gas line installation is something that is best left to the professionals. It can also be more affordable than many homeowners expect, especially if there is already an existing gas line. It's also important to know where property lines end and begin. Homeowners are only responsible for the gas lines that are on their property. 

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