3 Great Ways To Customize Your Fireplace

Having a fireplace installed in your home is a very cost efficient way to heat your entire home. A fireplace can also be a gorgeous centerpiece to whatever room it is located in. Since a fireplace is just as much a decorative feature as it is a functional part of your home, it is important that you enjoy the way that it looks. Thankfully, there are so many different ways that you can go about customizing your fireplace. This article will discuss 3 awesome custom fireplace options in more detail:

Home Entertainment Center 

One awesome idea for customizing your fireplace is to turn it into a home entertainment center. Your fireplace itself can be the centerpiece of the home entertainment center and everything else can be built around it. This will include a shelf above the fireplace where your television will be mounted. There will also be wooden shelves and cabinets built on either side of the fireplace to hold electronic devices, decor, movies, etc. This gives the fireplace a more completed look and makes for a very gorgeous and unique home entertainment center. 

Wall Mural

If you have a love for unique kinds of art, and particularly paintings, then you should consider having a wall mural painted around your fireplace. You can devote the entire fireplace wall to this mural, making it a huge focal point of the room itself, as well as your entire home. Your options for the mural are endless and you could choose anything from an ocean scene to a gorgeous picture of the mountains, or even a painting of your family. You also have the option of painting it yourself or hiring a professional to make your vision become a reality. In any case, this will create a unique scene around your fireplace and you likely won't find something like this in very many homes. 

Glass Case  

If you really want the dimensions of your fireplace to show, then you can consider having it installed on a corner and then surrounding three of the four sides with glass. This allows you to see the beauty of the fire from almost any angle that you look at it. You can also add some gorgeous brick work around the glass, and a ledge to sit on. When it comes to displaying items, you can also have a ledge or shelf on top of the fireplace to use for this specific purpose. 

Contact a company that can make you a custom fireplace for more information and assistance.