3 Things To Consider Prior To Re-Roofing Your Home

Re-roofing your home is a home upgrade you can consider if your roof is in need of moderate repair. The concept behind re-roofing is simple: you simply place new roofing material over your existing roof to add needed support to weak areas. This is a great way to avoid having to pay for a whole new roof and can be done more quickly in most cases as well. Here are 3 things you should think about before you call a roofing company to re-roof your home.

How many layers your roofing has

If your home only has its original roof and has never been re-roofed in the past, the project is relatively simple and easy to accomplish. A second or third layer requires thicker nails, and parts of the roof that may need to be removed before the re-roofing can be done, which can lead to greater expenses and paying higher costs to your roofer. In some cases it's cheaper to have your roof replaced over placing a new layer on it if it has been re-roofed several times already.

The type of roof you have

If you have asphalt or wooden shingles, then re-roofing can be done relatively cheaply and easily. In this case, new shingles are simply placed over existing ones that are still in decent repair. A metal or copper roof, however, can be more time-consuming to re-roof, and your roof can become very heavy as a result. The best thing to do is discuss your roofing options with your roofing company to see if the type of roof you have is capable of a re-roofing project or not.

The damages done to your roof

Your roof may only have mild or moderate damage, such as leaking seams or worn shingles due to age. If this is the case, common re-roofing can be an excellent and affordable solution for you. Heavier damage, such as holes in your roof or completely missing panels due to weather damage or a broken tree branch, may require whole sections to be torn down and then replaced. You want your roof to be as sturdy and reliable as possible, so you want to make sure that you are doing the best repair for your roof's actual needs.

You want your roof to last for many years, and in order to keep it in great condition, you need a roofing company to perform the best repairs possible. Talk to your roofer to see if re-roofing your home is the best option for your needs.