How To Choose Drapes And Hang Them To Change The Look Of Your Room

Adding drapes can change the look of a room by adding color, texture and dimension. Drapes come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. You can choose from long or short drapes, heavy or lightweight, even sheer or black-out drapes. With so many to choose, it may seem difficult to choose the right ones for your room. See below for helpful tips on how to choose drapes, as well as how to hang them to change the look of any room.

Choosing Drapes

Choosing drapes may come easily to some, but for others, it may seem impossible.

  • To begin with, start with the style of the room. For a more casual look, as in for kitchens, dens and children's bedrooms, shorter curtains (such as cafe, sham, or sill length) may be a better option. For a more formal room, such as dining rooms, living rooms, and master bedrooms, longer curtains (such as floor length, pooling or sweeping length) are a good choice. 
  • Fabric type is also important when thinking about hanging curtains. Luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, or damask work best in formal spaces, while cotton, polyester, and linen work well in casual rooms.
  • Pattern or plain? The style of curtain you choose will also help change the look of a room. Large thick stripes are very trendy right now, especially with a farmhouse look. Flower patterns are beautiful for any room in your house and are great with traditional looks. Geometric prints look great with modern decor. Plain colored curtains can also add a pop of color, and look great in a room that has plenty of patterns elsewhere.

Hanging Drapes

The way you hang your drapes can help add height and width to a room, as well as adding plenty of light. Curtains should be hung closer to the ceiling, rather than just above the top of the window trim. Hanging the curtains at this height will help give the illusion of taller ceilings. Your curtains should also sit outside of the window trim, so extra light can come in. This also gives the illusion of width in a room and adds a more dramatic effect. (When hanging curtains higher, especially in rooms that you want longer curtains hung, you'll need to look for extra long length.) 

Looking for the right drapes may feel like an endless search. Remember to look for drapes to match not just your decor style, but also drapes that go with feel of that room. Ask a drapery professional for help choosing curtains for your home.