Maintenance Considerations for a New Water-Well Owner

If you are considering purchasing a home that uses a water well, it is important to understand the basics of caring for these systems. Making a mistake when it comes to your water-well system can result in the need to have expensive repairs or replacements done. Fortunately, you may be able to reduce the risk of these issues by making sure to use these three well-maintenance tips.

Avoid Attempting to Repair or Service Your Own Well System

Over the course of time that you own the well, it will likely need minor repairs and servicing. Sadly, many individuals will attempt to perform this work without hiring a professional technician. A water-well system can be highly complicated, and if you make mistakes when repairing the system, you may find that the well collapses or becomes contaminated. While it may be possible to correct these issues, it can be a time-consuming and expensive process, and hiring a professional technician will greatly reduce this risk.

Keep Water-Testing Kits Available

Under normal conditions, ground water is normally very safe to drink. However, it is possible for the water to become contaminated through chemicals seeping into the ground or bacteria reaching the water. When this occurs, you may notice that the water develops a strange taste or smell, and you may become nauseated after drinking the water. If these problems occur, you should immediately test the water. By keeping testing kits available in your home, you will be able to perform this test within a matter of minutes so that you know whether your water is safe to drink.

Regularly Inspect the Soil Around the Well

As a well ages, it is possible for it to suffer damage from erosion. This issue can cause the soil around the well to start to sink into the ground. Erosion problems can often be a progressive issue that can result in your well eventually becoming unusable. However, if you have a contractor reinforce the well shaft soon after this problem develops, you can greatly reduce the risk of it suffering a major collapse or other problem.

Caring for the well that provides your home with fresh water is important for any home that uses these systems. However, knowing the need to let only trained professionals work on the well system, keeping water-testing kits available, and inspecting around the well for signs of erosion can allow you to be far better prepared to use a well to provide your home with water.

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