Do You Need Chimney Repair? Look for These 4 Signs

You may love that your fireplace is a focal point of your home, as well as being a great way to provide heat. Unfortunately, chimneys can need professional repair after years of use. Here are some trouble signs to look out for.

Moisture Damage

Look at the damper inside the fireplace. Does it look like this metal part is rusting? If so, it's a sign that you have moisture in the chimney that is causing it. Moisture will not only cause problems with closing the damper in your fireplace due to rust, but also cause cracks in the fireplace lining. Without heating being enclosed properly, it could lead to a house fire.

Brick and Mortar Damage

Take a look at the bricks that surround your chimney from the outside of your home. If you have no problems, the mortar should look intact with no signs of damage. Moisture can often cause bricks to change color, with them looking to have a white chalky appearance instead of remaining their original color. Mortar can also start to crumble, which will cause bricks to become loose over time. This is a bigger problem in the winter, since water can expand as it freezes and cause significant damage to the bricks and mortar that surrounds them. 

Ignoring this problem could eventually lead to the chimney collapsing if you are not careful.

Chimney Lining Damage

There will be tile lining the interior of the chimney. When these tiles are damaged, they will start to crack and eventually peel off from the surface. You'll start noticing the damage by seeing pieces along the bottom of the fireplace. 

Those tiles are what prevents heat from getting into other parts of your house. If the tiles are damaged, smoke can get behind the walls on the second floor. It will not only cause smoke to permeate the drywall on the floors above, but potentially cause a house fire. 

Wallpaper or Paint Damage

Have there been problems with the walls that surround your fireplace, such as wallpaper peeling or paint cracking? This is because moisture has escaped the chimney and has gotten behind the walls. The biggest concern will be mold growth, which is most likely happening if the wall surface inside your home has become damaged.

These are just a few signs that chimney repair is necessary for your home. Contact a local chimney repair company like Clean Sweep so that they can identify and repair any damage.