Determine Whether A Healthy Tree Is A Potential Risk To Your House

If a tree located in your yard doesn't look healthy, you may need to hire a tree service company to cut the tree down — or at least remove dead branches. But, if a tree looks like it's perfectly healthy, you probably wouldn't think that it may need to be removed or trimmed. However, healthy trees can damage your house's foundation, roof, gutters, and even windows, if they aren't properly cared for. Learn what to watch for so that you can prevent major damage before it happens.

Possible Foundation Problems

If you have any large trees growing close to your house, you need to keep an eye on them — or at least on their roots. As a tree's roots grow, the soil and dirt that nearby becomes displaced. Changes to the dirt and soil surrounding the foundation of your home can cause your foundation to slip slightly, which in turn, can cause the concrete to crack. Once your foundation has shifted or cracked, you'll need to contact a foundation contractor to assess the amount of structural damage, and make any repairs needed. If your tree hasn't caused foundation problems yet, you should consider discussing the possible scenarios with a local tree service and a foundation contractor. This way, you can determine the what needs to be done to prevent any damage. A tree service contractor can remove the tree safely. However, if you want to keep the tree and save your foundation, you talk to a foundation contractor to see if building a root barrier around your foundation would prevent future issues.

Other Potential Problems

Trees that are growing too close to your house can also cause other problems, such as mold growth, carpenter ants, and termites. You should consider trimming any branches that are hanging over your house to prevent mold growth on your roof's shingles. Also, keeping the branches trimmed will reduce the risk of a falling branch damaging your house or the tree branches becoming entangled with electrical wires, which can cause a fire.

Ultimately, any tree that is growing close to your house has the potential to cause damage. However, if you regularly inspect the tree to make sure the branches don't need trimmed, and you hire a foundation contractor to help you repair current and prevent potential foundation damage, you should be able to easily keep the tree healthy and your home in good condition.

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