How To Prevent Your Kitchen From Getting Bogged Down By Grease

Restaurant owners know that proper grease disposal and overall good sanitation habits can help them to avoid big repair bills. This knowledge is helpful, but it won't stop grease and oil from entering commercial sinks, drains and plumbing system, at one point or another. If you want to keep your restaurant's kitchen up, running and in great shape, pay attention to the following tips.

Preventing Clogged Sinks

Although many restaurant owners make frequent trips to the kitchen, not all are totally aware of what happens on a daily basis. In addition, when restaurant kitchens get busy, people tend to take shortcuts and focus only on what is going on at present. Installing and properly cleaning out restaurant grade grease traps will help to keep your sinks free of clogs, but they are not foolproof.

Regularly Cleaning Grease Traps

When your employees break down the kitchen and clean all of the equipment at the end of the day, monitoring the grease traps should also be on their list of daily tasks. The amount of fried food your restaurant cooks can change greatly from day to day, so it is better to look at grease trap cleaning as a preventative measure that can reduce the amount of professional drain cleanings your restaurant needs.

Practicing Responsible Grease Removal

Even if you instruct your workers to make use of the grease traps, some oil, fat and grease is going to go down the drain. Dirty plates run through the dishwasher will contain small amounts of grease, which will ultimately land in the drain. Reducing the amount of grease that flows through your restaurant's plumbing system will help to reduce the number of times the drains are cleaned, but realize that this service is still vital.

Professional drain cleanings are performed by professional plumbers in restaurants regularly. Preventative drain cleanings actually help to reduce the risk of having clogged pipes, backed up toilets or a plumbing system that effectively puts your restaurant out of order. You can have your restaurant kitchen's drains cleaned after hours so that it does not interfere with business.

If you run a busy restaurant, you will need to have your drains cleaned by a professional plumber, but on bright side, it is just another indicator that your business is a success. Ensure that your faithful patrons continue to get the level of service that they have come to love by using responsibly disposing of grease to keep your kitchen running at maximum efficiency. For more information, contact companies like Blount's Speedy Rooter.