How To Prevent Toilets And Sinks From Becoming Clogged During A Barbecue

When you are hosting a barbecue at your home, you can be certain that your drains will be in danger of becoming clogged. This doesn't usually occur from normal use of your sinks and toilets but from misinformed guests who treat your toilets and sinks as garbage cans.

Preparation and vigilance are the keys to keeping your plumbing safe from the slings and arrows of outrageous disposal.

Protecting your sink drains from clogging

The kitchen sink

A garbage disposal is a most useful addition to your kitchen sink, except when everything but the kitchen sink is tossed into it. Here are a few items that should be kept out of the disposal during a barbecue.

Chicken bones

Any type of poultry bones should be kept out of the disposal because it will shred the bones into splinters that can become lodged in your drain pipes, picking up debris as it floats by in the waste water.

Fibrous vegetable scraps

Melons are a major culprit during summer barbecues, as rinds are tossed down the drain as they are peeled. They are shredded into strings that can cause cause major balls of clogging agents to form and become lodged in your drain pipes.

Egg shells

Deviled eggs can cause a demonic mess in your drain pipes if the shells of the eggs are tossed into your garbage disposal. It is not actually the shells, but the fibrous membrane inside the shells that becomes stringy and causes clogs to form around them.

The bathroom sink

Visitors may not toss items into your bathroom sink, but they can easily drop items such as cosmetic applicators or fashion accessories into the sink drain. Of course, this refers to adult visitors. Children are much more creative and may toss anything within reach into the bathroom sink drain when the door closes.

Both of these occurrences can be minimized by installing a screen strainer guard on the sink drain. They only cause a few bucks, and you just need to place them over the drain opening. It would also help to keep as many small objects as possible out of reach of small busy hands.

Guarding the throne: protecting your toilet from clogging and overflowing

While you can't easily keep people from tossing balls of hair from their hairbrush into your toilet, you can keep other potential clogging agents out, including:

Paper towels and hand napkins

You must simply keep both of these items out of the bathroom. Neither should be flushed, but many people still do it. Keep only cloth guest towels in your bathroom.

Flushable diapers and wipes.

While both can technically be flushed, they don't degrade as fast as promised and can create a major toilet backup and overflow. Buy and keep a diaper hamper in the bathroom if you are aware that any guests will bring babies. 

While a diaper hamper is an additional expense, plumbers cost more, and your local plumber would likely prefer to remain at their own family gathering than work with an overflowing toilet. 

It comes with the job, of course, but give both yourself and the local plumbers a break and keep an eye on your guests and your drains during your summer barbecues.