3 Ideas To Give Your Home A Historic Look With Metal Roofing Materials

Whether you have a home in a historic neighborhood or an older home, having a historically correct look is important. When it comes time to replace roofing materials, you may want to consider solutions like metal roofing to give your home more of an authentic look. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider when you reroof your home to give it more of a historically authentic look:

1. Using Decorative Metal Roofing Tiles That Can Be Period-Correct

Asphalt roofing has not always been used on homes. Many historic homes were built before the advent of asphalt shingles. During the Victorian era, many homes had decorative metal tiles. These tiles could have fancy designs in stamped metal and shapes like spade-shaped tile. Is your home over 100 years old? If so, you may want to consider using a stamped metal tile to give your home a more period-correct look.

2. Modern Standing Seam Roofs That Keep Historical Appearances

Modern standing seam roofing is a durable material that can add durability to a new metal roof. This is where the seams of metal panels are folded over to reduce the possibility of leaks. They can have a powder-coated finish, which can give the look of a historically correct look. This can even be done with a green finish that will help give your roof the look of a copper patina, but save you from the cost of having copper installed.

3. Raw Metal For A Natural Patina On Your Roof And An Authentic Look

Raw metal can be another good choice if you want an authentic look with a natural patina on your roof. Metals that are good for this include tin and copper. For small sections of metal roofing, copper may be something that you want to consider, but can be very costly. Tin is a good choice if you want a more durable solution, but can become worn and damaged over time. If you have a tin roof installed, you may want to talk to the roofer about applying a protective sealant once the roof starts to age that has an attractive patina on it.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider to give your home a historic look with metal roofing materials. If you are ready to give your home an authentic look, contact a metal roofing contractor and talk with them about preserving the historic look.