Purchasing Land To Build A New House? 3 Things You Should Do Before You Start Building

If you are planning to purchase new land to build the home of your dreams, you need to take time to learn a few things first. This will ensure your home will still be standing many years in the future. Follow the tips below before you spend any money on land. 

Soil Test

Because your house sits on soil, you need to have it checked. Unstable soil can cause many problems with your home, such as foundation cracks or cracking walls inside your home. This is because the ground can shift with the weight of your home if the soil is not strong enough.

The best way to check your soil is to hire a geotechnical drilling company. This is because they can take soil samples far beneath the ground. The soil will be sent to a laboratory, who will determine things like the density, degree of plasticity, water, and geotechnical parameters. All of this can determine if the soil is stable enough.

Make sure you company you hire is licensed, and ask them to give you the report when they are finished with testing.

Learn the Setbacks

If there are neighboring homes around your land, hire a land survey professional to determine the setbacks. Setbacks are how close to the border of the property you can build your home. This can affect other things, such as if you ever want to add a fence around your property or build a work shed. Your neighbor could stop you, and even have whatever you build taken down if it goes over into their property.

If you have already hired a builder to build your home, they will likely do this for you. Make sure you ask, however, and ask them or the land survey professional of a copy of the survey report so you can have it in the future, if needed.


Find out where you will be getting your water and electricity from. You will be getting your water either from a well or the local utility company. The gas may come from a propane tank instead of the utility company. If your land is far into the country, find out if you have Internet service. It can be expensive to extend any of these services to your property.

Your real estate agent can be very helpful with all of this. They may even know this information already. Following these tips will ensure everything will go smoothly when building your new home. Visit a site like http://haztechdrilling.net/ for more info.