Restoring Useful Used Appliances After A Fire: Different Types Of Service Providers That Can Help

After your apartment complex property has sustained damage in a fire, you want construction contractors to restore as much of the property to its original self as possible. You may have several tenants deposed and relocated while the contractors work, and even after the construction is complete, you still need functional appliances for all of your tenants' units. If any of the appliances were salvaged from the fire, you may still be able to use them. If you are not the handy, fix-it or restore it type, here are three different types of service providers that can help you restore these appliances so you can reinstall them in your restored apartment complex.

Handyman Contractors

There are several handyman contractors, both freelance and employed by service businesses, that can help. Many of the service businesses will send at least two "handymen" out to your location, and you are required to pay both by the hour for the work that they do. You may have to weigh the cost of the hourly wage of the contractors against the cost of completely new appliances, but if you find a contractor or service business who offers a discount for first-time customers, it may just be worth it to repair all the reusable appliances salvaged from the fire.

Sub-contractors That Work for/with Your Construction Contractors

Sub-contractors include plumbers and electricians, and since these people would already be on your property installing and inspecting new plumbing and wiring, it does not hurt to ask them for help. In fact, several sub-contractors for construction companies sub-sub-contract side projects with the same customers the construction companies are working with. At the very least, you could get the sub-contractors' professional opinions about whether or not the appliances that were salvaged from the fire could be repaired cheaply and reused in your newly-built apartment complex.

Charity Construction Groups

Whether it is a "men's ministry" at your church or a charity that focuses on home construction and repairs, you could use these resources as well. Since your property suffered a devastating loss, it may qualify for some of these assistance programs or just for some compassionate help from your church. You may be able to get these salvaged appliances restored for free or almost free if a charity construction group or church group is willing to help and completes the repairs and restoration for you. Some of these groups have employees or members who are tied to home improvement and supply stores, which is an added bonus should you need replacement parts for any of the appliances.

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