Avoid A Sewer Clog By Caring For Your Pipes

Your sewer lines take the wastewater from your house out to a central line, where it can then go to a water treatment center. If your sewer lines get backed up, then that waste can get into your house. If the problem is on your side of the property line, then it is your job to take care of it. If the problem is on the other side, then the municipal  sewer department has to fix the problem and pay for it. Getting a sewer problem fixed can be dirty and messy. The best way to do that is to avoid any backups in the first place. 

Watch What Goes Down the Drains

Keeping your sewer lines from getting blocked starts with what goes down those drains, from sinks to toilets. So make sure that you aren't putting things down your kitchen sink that can cause blockages. The list includes things that you might not think are an issue, including coffee grounds and oil. But, all those things can gather together in your sewer lines and turn into a large solid mass and make it so nothing can get through. In your bathroom, make sure that you aren't flushing anything like clumping cat litter, feminine hygiene products, or sanitary wipes. 

Flush the Drains

Every month, plug every sink in your house and fill them up, your bathtub as well. Then pull the plug and let all that water run down the pipes. All that plain water running down the pipes will help to push any clogs down further and help to break them up. 

Degrease Your Pipes

Even if you are very careful with what you put down your kitchen sink, grease and oil can still get down there and start to clog your pipes. You can do something about that. You will need to buy an enzyme drain cleaner and mix it up with some warm water. You want the water warm because it will help to melt the grease as well as dissolve the cleaner. Then you want to pour it down a drain into your sewer line. If you have a drain in your basement, then pour it down that drain. Otherwise, use a toilet. 

If you have tried everything you can and you still have a clog, then it's time for the professional. You will have to call a plumber and have them come and snake out your sewer line to get rid of the clog. 

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