Four Things You Will Want To Know About Using Roof Trusses In Timber Framing

If you are building your own home, timber framing can be a great way to construct your home. This is different than conventional balloon framing with 2" materials. It is done with large timbers, which can be ideal for things like exposed structural elements. The open spaces can be done with large timber trusses to give a warm detail. Here are some things you will want to know about using trusses in your timber framing project:

1. Components Of A Timber Frame Truss

There are three basic components of roof trusses; the top cords, bottom cords and webbing.  The top cords are the boards that form the slope of your roof. The bottom cords will be what forms the bottom support of the truss and ceilings of your home. The webbing of trusses are the structural elements in the middle of the truss.

2. Types Of Connections For Timber Trusses

There are also different types of connections that you can have done for your roof trusses. These can be traditional peg designs where the pieces of the truss are fastened together with wooden pegs. You can also use metal brackets in the design for a more modern look for your timber trusses. For larger spans, steel tension bars and brackets can be used in the design of the trusses, where the tension cables act as part of the truss webbing.

3. Woodworking Details For Exposed Timber Trusses

There are also a lot of woodworking details that you can have added to exposed timber trusses. This can be done with wood brackets that make it look like they support the trusses. You can also taper edges of the timbers and have them designed with curves and arches if they are going to be exposed.

4. Combining Timber Trusses With Conventional Truss Work

If you are going to have exposed timber ceilings and other ceilings that are finished with drywall, you can reduce cost by combining materials. For the areas with exposed ceilings, timber trusses can be used, and for areas with finished drywall ceilings, you can use conventional truss work with 2" materials to help reduce costs.

Timber framing with trusses can give your home warm woodworking details. Some of these things may be features you want to have added to the design of your home. You can contact a truss contractor to work with some of these design details for your home.