Wishing You Had A Hot Tub? This Is How Easy It Is To Care For One

If you're thinking about getting a hot tub (from an outlet such as California Home Spas & Patio), you may be concerned about how much work it will be to maintain it. It's true that you have to care for your hot tub just like you do a swimming pool, so the water stays clean and sanitary. However, since a hot tub is so small, it doesn't take much time at all. Here are some of the routine tasks you'll need to do.

Cover Care

You want the cover to stay in good shape, so it keeps a tight seal on your tub. This helps keep the heat in the tub, so you don't waste energy keeping the water warm. Plus, a good cover keeps bugs and leaves out of the water. If your tub isn't under an awning or roof, the sun and weather will take its toll on the cover. To prevent deterioration, you should apply vinyl protector every few weeks.

The frequency depends on the current weather conditions. You may need to apply it more often during long summer days when the cover gets a lot of sun exposure. Applying the protector is very easy. Just rub it on with a cloth like you're waxing your furniture. Apply it to the top only, so the chemicals don't come in contact with the water.

Clean The Shell

You'll want to keep your hot tub clean and attractive by wiping down the outside and the inner shell on a regular basis. The inner shell is made from vinyl, so it's easy to keep clean by wiping it down. Wiping down your tub removes dirt and dust, so they don't turn to slime or mud when splashed with water.

You can thoroughly clean the inside when you change the water in your hot tub. You should change the water every few months, depending on how often you use it and how many people use it at a time. When the tub is empty, you can wipe down the walls and jets with a damp cloth to remove any debris, slime, or scale that has accumulated. If your tub has stains, don't use chemicals to clean it unless you buy them from a pool supply store, and they are safe to use on hot tubs.

Adjust The Chemicals

Adjusting the chemicals may seem like the most daunting part of caring for your hot tub. If you have any doubt about the condition of your water, collect some of it in a bottle and take it to the pool and spa store to be analyzed. When you buy your tub, you should also buy a kit that contains test strips and all the chemicals you need to keep the water balanced.

You may want shock treatment to keep the water clean, chemicals to balance the pH of the water, chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals, and water softener. You'll only need to adjust the chemicals about once per week, according to the results you get on the test strips. When you buy your tub, the company will walk you through how to test your water and apply the chemicals so the water stays clean, soft, and sanitary.

Once your hot tub is in operation, it only takes several minutes each week to keep the water in good shape. It isn't difficult at all, and it's definitely worth the effort. When your water is kept clean and ready to go, you can take a relaxing dip in your hot tub any time you get the urge.