Sewer And Duct Cleaning When You Buy A New Home

Buying an older home can sometimes leave you guessing how well the previous owner took care of the home, so there are a few things you want to have inspected. If you have recently purchased an older home, the basic home inspection probably didn't include an examination of the sewer and the ducts.

These are two items that are needed for the home to function properly, and can cause serious complications if they aren't functioning properly. You will want to have a plumber and an HVAC professional come to the home to examine both.

The Sewer

If the septic tank is full, it the water may not flush down the drain properly when you use the toilet, or it may not drain from the tub when you take a shower. It could cause waste to come back up through the pipes, and it may cause odors inside and outside of your home.

Have the sewer fully inspected, to make sure that the unit and the plumbing throughout the house is in good condition. You also may want to have the septic tank drained and cleaned, so you know when it has last been done while you are the owner of the home.

The Ducts

There could be a lot of bacteria and other items residing in the ducts throughout the ventilation system in the home. There could be simple irritants like dust and danger, but there could be more dangerous things like mold, rodent feces and actual pests.

Inhaling these things can be dangerous, causing allergies, asthma, illness and more. You want to have the ducts cleaned to remove everything, and this can improve air flow and air quality at the same time. If the ducts are old, you might also want to have the ducts sealed to improve energy efficiency.

If the plumbers are worried about tree branches that are mingling with the pipes, and that could potentially damage the sewer lines around the home, you may want to have the ground trenched to take care of the problem before it occurs. This would be more affordable than waiting until you have sewer leaking into the ground. You have to be cautious with areas of the house that you can't see when you are a new homeowner. Have a professional, such as one from Walters Environmental Services Inc., look at these different areas to make sure that everything is safe and reliable for use while you live in the home.