The Benefits Of Using An Annual Furnace Service

There are many benefits that come along with using the annual furnace maintenance services that your local HVAC contractor has to offer. Unfortunately, if you are like many homeowners, you may underestimate these benefits, or simply be unaware of what they are. Below, you can learn more about these impressive benefits so that you never again miss out on the positive impact that this annual service can have on your finances, your furnace, and your home.

Benefit #1: Protect The Validity Of Your Warranty

If your furnace is currently covered by a manufacturer's warranty, you may believe that this warranty will automatically remain in effect until its original expiration date. However, this is not always the case. This is because most warranties will include a maintenance clause that requires you to properly maintain the system in order for the warranty to remain in effect. The purpose of this clause is to protect the warranty company from paying for damages that could have been prevented through the use of an annual maintenance service.

When filing a claim against your warranty, you will typically be asked to submit proof that the system has been mainlined according to the manufacturers recommendations. If you have chosen to use an annual furnace maintenance service, providing this proof will be easy. However, if you have chosen to pass up on this maintenance opportunity, you could find that your warranty has been voided and that you are responsible for covering the cost of any necessary repairs.

Benefit #2: Keep Your Energy Bills As Low As Possible

Keeping up with the cost of heating their home is a task that many homeowners struggle with every winter. If you are among these struggling homeowners, it is important for you to understand the impact that annual maintenance services can have on your monthly energy bills.

Over time, dust and dirt can build up inside your furnace, making it more difficult for your furnace to circulate air. This can result in reduced air pressure, frequent cycling, and increased energy consumption. In basic terms, this buildup can cause your furnace to use more energy, while ultimately producing inferior results.

As part of your annual maintenance service, all buildup will be removed from your furnace and maximum air circulation will be restored. This maintenance alone can easily save you a small fortune on your heating bills all winter long.

Benefit #3: Make Less Frequent Repairs To Your Furnace

All furnaces will require repair from time to time. However, there should be no need to repair your furnace on a frequent basis. In most cases, the need for frequent repairs will be the result of a dirty furnace, or significantly worn parts that are putting stress on other areas of your heating system. Having your furnace maintained on an annual basis will allow you to eliminate both of these issues and ultimately minimize the frequency with which your furnace requires repair.

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