Need A New Roof? Have You Considered Metal?

When you think about metal roof installation and repair or tin roofs, you probably picture a solid sheet of metal. While sheet metal roofs are one option, there are other choices available. Metal roofs are attractive, have many advantages and are surely worth considering when you are in need of a new roof.

Metal Roof Styles

Metal roofing comes in many different styles, some of which look remarkably like conventional roofs. Some of the styles you will find are:

  • Vertical panels – Large metal sheets that you may think of when considering metal roofing.
  • Metal shingle – These roofs give the look of smooth slate shingles.
  • Metal tile – This roof gives the appearance of a clay tile roof.
  • Metal shake – These are perfect for those who want the look of a traditional wood shake roof.

Metal Roof Colors

One of the many advantages of metal roofing would be the color choices. Color choices include:

  • Gray – Many shades of gray are usually available.
  • Terra Cotta – A perfect color for the appearance of a clay tile roof.
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Green
  • Browns and earth tones
  • Slate Blue
  • Copper
  • White – There are usually many shades of white from which to choose.
  • Gold
  • Stone

Your color choices will vary depending on what your roofing contractor has available.

Metal Roof Advantages

Metal roofs have many benefits, some of which you may not be aware of.

As already discussed, there are a number of color choices. Metal roofs have more color choices than those made from traditional roofing materials..

One of the most desirable advantages of these roofs is that they last a long time. Most metal roofs have expected lives of fifty years or more.

Metal roofs are fire resistant. This is not only a safety benefit, but may help reduce your insurance premium.

You will probably see a drop in your energy bill with a metal roof. They reflect heat resulting in lower bills in the summertime.

Metal roofs are relatively easy to maintain and rarely need repairs. It is wise to have a metal roof inspected periodically by a professional. When you have your roof installed, the contractor will be able to provide you with an inspection schedule. Inspections will include checking seams for tears, paint for chips and rust, sealants, fasteners, and coating.

Why not talk to your roofing contractor about a metal roof for your home? As you can see, they are an investment that is definitely worth considering.