Save Money And The Environment With New Heat Pump Technology

Heating systems these days are often using outdated technologies that may be inefficient or particularly bad for the environment, due to their emissions of carbon into the atmosphere. However, electric heat pump technology is a new approach that can help increase the efficiency of your heating system and make it more environmentally friendly.

How New Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

Traditionally, it's common for households to use oil to heat a water tank in order to spread warmth throughout a house. But recently a new type of heating pump is being developed that uses electricity to heat up water and pump it throughout the house, instead of fossil fuels like oil.

New electric heat pump water heaters are three times more efficient than other conventional water heaters because the heat pump device moves heat around the house instead of trying to generate heat directly in the area that needs it.

The new technology takes heat from the surrounding air and then moves it into a tank to heat up the water with the aid of electricity. Another advantage of a heat pump is that you can use it to upgrade a more conventional system.

It's also easy to combine the systems together in order to have one backing up another. This can be especially useful in areas where you need to make sure that you have heat in your house, such as areas in the globe that are especially cold in the winter.

Saving Money and the Environment with Electric Heat Pumps

One of the best benefits of this new technology is the fact that its increased efficiency helps consumers save money. In fact, in a recent study, the new heat pump technology tested as using 62% less heat than a conventional electric water heater using 50 gallons.

The average savings per household were a minimum of $300 per year in the study. Considering that heating is the second largest household energy expense, this is significant savings.

Additionally, if you get electricity from a clean source such as a local nuclear power plant, or even solar panels that you have on your house, this means that you will be significantly reducing how much pollution you are personally responsible for.

This is especially the case if you had a heating system that relied on oil or other fossil fuels before you made the transition.

Overall, this new technology is likely to produce a more efficient and more environmentally friendly future. For more information on new types of heating systems, contact a professional like Always Ready Repair.