3 Important Tips For Addressing Consistent Sewer Clogs In Your Home

If you have consistent sewer clogs in your home, chances are it's the fault of the pipes outside your home. One common culprit is a crack in your pipe caused by tree roots. These roots grow around everything in their path and wrap themselves around pipes, causing them to crack. The roots can then get into the pipes themselves and in turn, block the pipes and cause clogs. If you notice that you get consistent sewer clogs, consider some tips on how to address these properly.

1. Have a video inspection done

Never try to address these clogs with sewer snakes or other equipment until you know exactly why your pipes are consistently clogging. Instead, have a video inspection done. This is accomplished with a device that is similar to a sewer snake but which has a small camera mounted to the end. An operator can see the image remotely so it can be determined what is causing the clogs.

If you try to address clogs without a video inspection you may simply make problems worse. Sewer snakes can grab at tree roots and actually pull them into the pipes, causing larger cracks and even breaks. In turn a home or yard can be flooded and the repair job becomes even more complicated and expensive.

2. Have a trenchless repair done

When you have a cracked pipe along your water line chances are you only need a section of pipe replaced. This is best done with trenchless repair. This type of repair involves cutting away just the section of pipe that needs replacing along with tree roots and other causes of the clog, and replacing just that section.

 A trenchless repair from a company like Drain-O-Rooter doesn't involve digging up your yard around the section of pipe that needs replacing but instead, involves drilling two holes on either side of the broken section. The pipe can then be cut and the section removed, and a new section fed through one hole and put into place. The pipe is pulled through the hole and then aligned, and flanges used to screw it into place.

3. Try pipe lining

If the section of pipe causing the clogs is not cracked beyond repair, you can opt for pipe lining. This is done with a lining material that is injected inside the pipe itself and then allowed to dry. This coating creates a pipe within a pipe, so that water and sewage can flow freely and your clogging problem is fixed. This fix too is less invasive than digging a trench around the pipe and removing an entire section.